Teen Anxiety


We are starting a new endeavor by providing a teen anxiety group. The group will also focus on parent involvement.  I have found that I can educate teens on coping tools, but if we can follow it up with parent education, the teen is always more successful.  Also, parents that have teens struggling with anxiety often share that they too are stressed.  This program will allow teens and parents to gather with others and find support as well as education on coping tools, relaxation, mindfulness, and self care.  While the teens will meet with me, Esther Vanderwal, LCSW-C, the parents will meet with Angela Cochran, M.S./Health & Wellness Coach.  The group will then switch at the half way point so that both teens and adults are learning the same material.

My hope for this group will be for the teens and parents to walk away knowing they are not alone, having some new coping tools and a language for reducing anxiety that they both understand.

Please feel free to share this information and to call with further questions, 301-690-8008.


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