Beacons of Light

Of late, I have met with several clients where the main point of our conversations has all centered on beacons of light.

Through all of the turmoil that has happened in our community lately and the darkness, it has also been easier to see the beacons of light in our community.

I try to focus on those lights when it’s dark. I am also asking my clients to look for those lights and to stay focused on them.

While what our community just endured was painful and traumatic, it also gave us an opportunity to focus on the beacons of light, and there are many in our community.

The teachers who are with our children daily exhibited the bravery of a soldier to protect our most precious gifts, our children.

The police officers, first responders and EMS were incredible beacons of light not to mention the 911 operators who stayed calm and were a calming force in a time of chaos.

I saw restaurant owners, therapists, agencies, community members, students, mothers, fathers, children all working together and ready to help.

Instead of focusing on the horror and the trauma, I am pushing myself to focus on the beacons of light and to strive to be one of them myself.

Now is not the time to turn our lights off, but rather to polish our lenses and shine brighter than before.

Teachers, don’t stop shining. So many rely on your light and we don’t know how many are following that light and continue to need it. I know it’s hard to pick up and keep going, but for us to save the ones we will never have to count in a trauma, we must.

Focus on the Beacons of Light, they illuminate our path.

After sharing this blog with aclient, she shared this with me.  

Heart racing

Mind chasing

it’s like a battle of will

One that potentially can kill

I feel so defeated and weak

My mind just seems too meek

Have strength my heart says

To push through these days

But the emptiness creeps in

Allowing the dark sadness to begin

But I will not let this depression win

This is not the end

There is light still left to shine

A hope that the darkness cannot define

Live love laugh they say

There is a choice at the end of the day

I choose to fight

And look towards the light


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