Self Care

As a therapist I find myself telling many clients to remember self care. It’s interesting that we have to be reminded to take care of ourselves. In our fast paced society however, that key, yet necessary element is often overlooked.

As a mom I rarely if ever eat the last slice of anything. I leave it for someone else. It’s the same with our use of time.

In this blog I’m asking you to not only have the last slice, but to reserve it for yourself.

In scripture we find references to lamps of oil that help light the way but we also read that it’s necessary to fill those oil lamps.

I’m always surprised by the reminder being needed even in those days. Perhaps society or human nature hasn’t changed that much over time.

The way you take care of yourself can be different for everyone. For one (me), it might be writing. For another (used to be me), it might be running. Whatever it is that fills you up and helps you feel ready to meet the challenges of everyday, that is your self care.

So today’s assignment is to reserve that last slice for yourself and fill your oil lamp.


Photo Credit:  April Fernandes Photography

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