Our Start and Our Mission

My husband, Barry, and I started Serenity Place, with a vision and mission to help our community through mental health services. We are both committed to helping others in need and wanted to create a space where folks felt comfortable, accepted and safe when seeking services.  We strive to have someone be there to answer the phone and return inquiries immediately.  We know it’s hard to reach out for help and when a person does, we want to be supportive and available.

It has been a God led mission of ours to create this business.  We feel that we have been given opportunities and doors have been opened to serve God in a way that He is directing. 

I started my private practice on a part time basis at first and was working a full time job as well as teaching on-line classes.    I felt my heart being pulled toward therapy more than anything else, but was afraid to take the leap into a full time practice. 

As only God can, he created life circumstances that forced me to stop everything for a year.  It was a difficult year but I heard him loud and clear to know what direction I was supposed to take. 

We decided to take the leap into a full time private practice.  I loved every minute of it!  Then an opportunity came up to buy the now, “Vanderwal Building.”  Once again, God made it all possible in such a way that is undeniable.  Our practice then expanded as the need in the community continued. 

The need was still evident after that and we decided to hire more staff and begin looking for a second location.  Now, we have the second location and have added more staff.

We continue to work hard to address the community mental health needs and helping in any way we can.  Our goal is to drastically reduce wait times for people in need of mental health services.  Our mission is to provide mental health services that are quality services and put the client’s well being first.

We look forward to continuing to serve our community.  All are welcome at our offices without judgment or bias.  We will continue to watch for God’s signals regarding our future and only pray that we continue to follow His lead. 

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