The Oneness of Single Life

Recently our group has been discussing beginning a new group for singles over 35. I was asked if there was a need to hold a group for singles and if there were real issues to discuss that required support.

My answer was that I am positive that at any stage in life, discussion and partnership with others is always a plus!

I know I have been impacted by being single and over 35. I would have benefited from a place where I could attend and not have expectations of coming as a unit with another. But I also think it would have been comforting to meet others who also struggled with the same things as I did and to find friendship and partnership.

I once attended church as a single person and remember being asked if it was “just one.” That moment stuck with me. That number suddenly felt packed with so much emotion. Yes, it was just one seat that I needed. Suddenly I felt so alone in the church full of people. That feeling of singleness is real and one that impacts us emotionally, physically, spiritually and everything in between.

There are limitations to being single. Going on trips is not something that most do alone so the options to travel and experience things suddenly become limited.

Being single impacts our sense of purpose in life as well as plans for the future.

Staying in relationships that are wrong for us for fear of being lonely is another factor, as are dating changes and the awkward situations you might find yourself in.

Feelings of emptiness with short-term relationships that leave us feeling inadequate or unlovable are very real during this phase in life.

Even preparing meals for one person or whether to eat in front of the television or the sink rather than the table can be distressing for a single person.

These are just a few of the topics that will be presented for discussion when the group is held. Stay tuned for more information regarding the group and please share your thoughts regarding any topics you might find of interest.

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