I have been thinking about how life often presents us with doors that we can either walk through or ignore. I try to view life as a series of doors that we go by and try the knob. We try to turn the knob and if it gives us some resistance, perhaps that was not the door we were supposed to walk through. If the doorknob easily turns and the door opens, however, that’s the direction we should go.

I am not saying that we should avoid challenges, but that when we force events, often those situations were not meant for us. I have tried in my life, to turn knobs that were stuck and I forced my way in through a door. I can honestly say that each and every time I did that, I was met with a life mistake.

The times when the knob would turn and it was left up to me to make it a success by walking through the door, those times it worked out well for me.

Is there a door that you are now trying to force your way through or are you even aware of the doors around you? If you need some guidance we are happy to help. Give us a call.

vintage blue door of old building
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