Our 5th Anniversary

By now, if you have read any of my previous blogs, you know that I came from a very poor farm family in Texas with many siblings and that I am Hispanic.  I have tried to paint a picture of myself through words and allow you to see my life through a different lens. 

Today as we celebrate the 5-year anniversary of our business, I am reflecting on what my 12-year-old self would say about me now.  I use this reference because I have heard both my daughter and my neighbor’s daughter use that reference for their own growth.  They both used that age range to wonder if that little girl would be proud of their accomplishments or disappointed. 

I wondered at first why they both referred to that age as a reference point and realized that it was because at that age, they were both strong and confident and felt like they could take on the world and win.  They were full of hope and possibilities. Anything was possible for them at that point in their life. 

Past that point in life, for many, is the place where things start to change. They start taking in criticism from others and seeing limitations and hurdles as things that are sometimes, even with hard work and diligence, out of their reach.  Gone are the days of participation ribbons and replaced with ranking systems.  Dreams are sometimes squashed or dashed by the opinions of others. 

So, today on the 5-year anniversary of our business, I wonder what my 12 year old self would say about me.  Would she be proud? 

That little brown skinned girl sitting in the back end of a pick-up truck watching her friends head to the pool while she was headed to work in the fields, might tell me, “Well done!”

Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement throughout the past 5 years.  Our success would not be possible without an amazing team of administrative staff and therapists. 

To our community, I hope to continue to serve you to the best of our ability and then some.  We are honored when you choose us to seek services from and to walk alongside you in the path of your life.

To our team, thank you for allowing me to dream and for following me even when my vision seemed a scary place to go. 

To my husband, my rock, my support, my encourager, I could not have done all this without you.  You push me when I doubt myself and you help me formulate my dreams into possibilities.  Thank you for being my partner!

To our awesome God who believed I could even when I doubted myself and who persisted when I pushed back.  He has equipped us to be his instruments of healing and I am forever thankful. 

Happy 5-year Anniversary Serenity Place, LLC!!

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  1. Thank you for all your kindness and belief. You all truly have made a difference in my life and the life of my family

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