Socializing for Health

Today I want to write about socializing.  I have spoken to a few clients about how important it is to be social as a human being. I often share with students and clients that you can diaper and care for a baby’s biological needs, but an infant will still die due to lack of socialization. 

people walking near trees
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We are biologically wired to require socialization so much so that, we can die due to a lack of it.  That’s profound to me, especially on the heels of the pandemic. 

So many have been inside their homes and not socializing with others and it’s had a huge impact on mental health. 

Today, I am going to challenge you all to get out and walk with the intention of being social. Put a smile on your face and get ready to wave hello to others that you see.  Share a positive remark with a few of them to set them on a positive path too. 

We often prioritize exercise and eating right, but socializing should also be included in this list.  We need it just as much at the other two. 

Happy Socializing!

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