Alicia Jacobs

Operations, Scheduling

Alicia is an Air Force retired veteran after serving 24 years, with diverse duties over nine deployments.

Alicia is a retired Air Force veteran with a remarkable 24-year military career. Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Alicia has had a diverse and accomplished journey in the Air Force, marked by her dedication and exceptional service.

Throughout her military service, Alicia undertook various roles and responsibilities, including two special duties and an impressive nine deployments to overseas contingency operations (OCONS). Her commitment to her country and her willingness to serve in challenging environments demonstrate her unwavering dedication.

Alicia’s pursuit of education and personal development is equally impressive. During her time in the military, she achieved significant academic milestones, earning five associate degrees, triple undergraduate majors, and a Master’s degree in Procurement and Acquisitions upon retirement. Notably, she is currently only one class away from obtaining her second Master’s degree, this time in Leadership and Management.

In her role at Serenity Place, LLC,  Alicia serves as our Lead Scheduler, contributing her expertise and organizational skills to ensure the smooth operation of the therapy group. Her extensive experience and dedication make her an invaluable member of our team, providing crucial support for clients and therapists alike.

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