Arianne Riebel

LMSW (Under Clinical Supervision), Psychotherapy

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker with over 15 years of dedicated experience in the child welfare sector, specializing in adoption and foster care. My journey in social work began at Stephen F. Austin State University, where I earned my undergraduate degree in social work. I continued my education at the University of Houston, obtaining a graduate degree in social work to further my expertise in the field.

My professional journey has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, including working in the Head Start Program and managing a grant-funded initiative aimed at assisting individuals and families affected by hurricane damage to their homes. Throughout my career, I have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by children from challenging circumstances, youth, and families dealing with loss and trauma.

My commitment to professional growth is reflected in my extensive training and certifications. I am a Certified Grief Professional, IPSRT trained (Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy), and have extensive training in working with couples. These certifications enhance my ability to provide specialized care to individuals and families facing complex challenges.

I firmly believe in the importance of trauma-informed care when working with individuals. It is crucial to identify the impact trauma has had on their lives and guide them on a path to recovery. My therapeutic approach is grounded in a strengths-based perspective, emphasizing the resilience of individuals and their capacity for healing. I am dedicated to supporting people in regaining control and achieving personal empowerment.

I hold the belief that there is hope beyond hurt, and I am passionate about providing a safe and empathetic space for my clients to be heard and to heal. I look forward to working with individuals and families, and helping them navigate their unique paths towards healing and recovery.

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