Megan Taylor

Clinical Supervisor, Therapist (LCSW-C)

Megan’s desire is to have a meaningful impact on the lives of others, especially those beginning at an early age.  Her path to becoming a clinical social worker has been a long and meandering one. While working toward her bachelor’s degree in psychology, she took a few interesting detours.  She’s tried her hand in a variety of seemingly unrelated fields including computer repair, fitness, healthcare, and serving in the US Army.  Over the years, her jobs may have been different, but the overall goal has remained the same: helping people.

After relocating from Southern California to Southern Maryland in 2011, Megan had the opportunity to continue her unconventional journey towards the pursuit of a lifelong passion, earning her master’s degree in social work through Salisbury University.  For the past decade, Megan has dedicated her time to building skills and giving back to the community through her roles as transition-age youth worker, adult literacy volunteer, fitness instructor, and behavioral health therapist.

Megan’s love of art, yoga, and humor often inspire her work in helping clients learn to manage the stresses of everyday life and negotiate the complexities of interpersonal relationships. She is well versed in evidence-based practices to assist clients who are struggling with mental illness, addiction, grief, and trauma. Using a person-centered approach, Megan strives to support her clients in creating positive change and finding courage in dark times. Life can be overwhelming, but health and healing are possible.